Release Notes


  • Release of CrossMip Client 7.1.0

  • General quality of life improvements

  • Various bugfixes and performance improvements


  • Display and processing of data produced by CrossMIP plugins

  • General quality of life improvements

  • Various bugfixes and performance improvements


  • Release of CrossMip Client 7.0.2

  • General quality of life improvements

  • Various bugfixes and performance improvements


  • Attributes can be assigned to customers, equipment, and locations

  • General quality of life improvements

  • Various bugfixes and performance improvements


  • Quick access to a detailed view of resources from within the planning board

  • Display of a tooltip about a technician when hovering over them with a mouse on the map

  • General quality of life improvements

  • Various bugfixes and performance improvements



  • Release of CrossMip Client 7.0.0


  • Several small bugfixes


  • Improvements in the user interface

  • Creation of new orders from within the equipment view in the profile

  • Various bugfixes


  • Ability to adjust the visible timeframe in the planning board

  • Extension of the country list

  • Various bugfixes

  • Ability to import resources with their attributes


  • Upgrade to Keycloak 23.01.1

  • Optimization and general performance improvements


  • Declaration of planning data during operation import

  • Declaration of attributes during resource import

  • Creating and using travel time products


  • Technicians can now create internal notes in CrossMIP, which can then be accessed in the confirmation tab

  • The diagnostic data from CrossMIP can be accessed via a new system role


The first configuration options of the order types are available now.


  • Order types can be created individually

  • The release of single operations for an order is possible


  • Management of working times for human resources

  • Display of working times and breaks in the planning board


In the operation details, both a confirming technician and additional persons can now be scheduled for an operation. The confirming technician can enter time confirmations for his scheduled colleagues in CrossMIP.


Customers can now be deactivated so that no new orders can be created, but the customer reference to old orders is retained.


Now you will find all operations that belong to the parent order in the operation details under "All operations".


For each operation, you can now also select the optional contact person from all contacts of the customer.


Several contacts can be entered for a customer and a primary contact person can be defined for the preselection at the operation


Operations can be removed from the application


  • It is possible to maintain absences of resources

  • Introduction of "Time Reports" for the evaluation and export of the working times recorded via mobileX-CrossMIP in the daily report

  • In case of overlapping of scheduled operations, there is now a warning in the planning details tab.

  • Orders now have a new tab "Change History" where changes made by users to the order and associated operations can be traced.

  • The operation list now contains a column for the customer’s company name.


  • It is now possible to manage locations of a client. Locations can be used as organising units for a client’s equipment. The resulting object structure is synchronised to mobileX-CrossMIP.

  • Documents and/or PDF forms can be added to equipment of a customer. If the device is selected during job creation, these documents are automatically synchronised to mobileX-CrossMIP.

  • Documents can be added to a customer. However, these are not synchronised to mobileX-CrossMIP.

  • PDF forms (checklists) can be uploaded directly to the order. For this purpose, the option "PDF form" must be selected during the upload.

  • In mobileX-CrossMIP, it is now possible to document equipment installations.



Products in the mobileX-ServicePlatform are extended by the product groups "Work time" and "Flat rate".


Resources can be grouped and filtered within the planning board based on attributes.


We have optimised the functionality of editing data sets. To save data, you no longer have to scroll to the end of a form. You will now find all editing options for a data record in the header, which always remains visible to you even when scrolling. When leaving an unsaved form, you will be asked again if you really want to continue without saving.


  • Manage attributes

    Attribute definitions allow you to structure and organise your data in many different ways.

In the mobileX-ServicePlatform you have the possibility to create attribute definitions and use them for the following data:

  • Resources: Assign attributes to a resource

  • Operations: Attach attributes to an operation.

To use these functionalities, you must first create attribute definitions, see link above.


  • Product management

    From now on, products can be created and managed in the settings in the category "Products". Currently, a distinction can be made between the product groups "Material" and "Equipment"; further product groups (including services) will follow. Depending on the product group, a product is used in different contexts of the mobileX-ServicePlatform. Equipment can be used to document installed equipment at a customer and to refer to it within an operation. Materials are available to the mobile user in mobileX-CrossMIP for documenting the material consumption in an operation.

  • Configure resource plannability

    In the settings of a resource, it can now be configured whether it is available for the planning of operations or not.

  • In the settings of orders, it can now be configured that the mobile user is reminded to create a service report when the order is completed.


  • Video confirmations are now displayed in the confirmations on the task.