Import operations

As an alternative to manually creating new operations in the mobileX-ServicePlatform, they can also be imported into the system via the file interface. The import can be triggered in the "Operation list" via the burger menu next to the heading.


This opens the guided import process where you can either download and fill in the XLSX/ CSV templates provided there or directly upload your own file in the supported format for the data import. The system supports you in the correct selection, allocation and formatting of the data for the required target format of the mobileX-ServicePlatform.

Import Nuvo

For a successful data import, all mandatory fields must be filled in. Missing mandatory fields are marked in the import process and can be filled in later.

The customer number and the order type must exist as a data set in the mobileX-ServicePlatform. If you import operations that were created in a third-party system, you can enter their order or operation number in the "External reference - order" or "External reference - operation" columns during the import for a correct mapping between the mobileX-ServicePlatform order/process and the external order/process at any time.

Optionally, you can also enter planning data when importing the operations. If an operation could be created successfully but the planning could not (for example, because a resource could not be resolved), the operation is created without planning. The entry is then evaluated as an error in the import log.

When importing operations, it is also possible to give them attributes via the "Attributes" column. The "Identifier" of the attributes is used for unique identification of the attributes during import.

For attributes of the type "Property" use the following syntax:


For attributes of the type "selection option" (single selection or multiple selection) use the following syntax:


Example XLS:

Attributes XLS