Task list

The task list is accessed from the dashboard for various categories:

  • Unread: All new orders or operations in unread status.

  • Scheduled: List of operations with planned times (see also calendar view).

  • All: List of all unfinished tasks, including planned ones.

The lists support automatic switching between the compact tile display in portrait format and the tabular list display in landscape format or when the window is resized (Responsive Design). Clicking on the task calls up the details.

cm orderlist 1
Figure 1. list view
cm orderlist 2
Figure 2. tile view

10.1 Search and Filter

The list supports the ad-hoc search over all data fields and the search over texts or identifiers defined in barcodes, such as machine type designations, over all fields of the order or operation. Barcode recognition is done via the primary system camera.

Calendar view

If the view for scheduled operations is called up in the dashboard, the operations are displayed by day (icon [1]) or by week (icon [7]). Only operations with scheduled times can be displayed in the calendar. The weekly view is only available in landscape format or if the window is wide enough.

In the calendar view, no further filters can be set. Filtering by scheduled times is done by selecting the current day in the calendar.

The calendar view supports the automatic change between portrait and landscape format or changes of the window size (Responsive Design).