Create new order

A new order can only be created with reference to a customer (see also Read and edit customer data). To do this, go to the customer list and select the relevant customer.


After selecting the customer, you can create a new order here.

customers order detail

In the upper part of the form, the basic data is recorded. It is possible to optionally enter an external reference for the order. This can be, for example, an external order number for a third system. The order type and the subject are mandatory fields, a description of the order is optional. On the right-hand side, the customer data is once again given in an overview.

Alternatively, an order can be created directly from within the device view, provided that both the device in question and the customer are active. Otherwise, the option to create a new order will not be visible. Creating a new order in this way will automatically fill in the customer and device fields in the create order form.

Operation for the order

In the lower part of the form you can now enter the operation for the order. By clicking on the field "With priority" the operation is marked with high priority. The release button is activated by default. This means that the operation is directly released for planning. If you want to create the operation but not yet release it for scheduling, for example because information is still missing, you can deactivate this.

Add equipment

Here you can select a device from the customer’s equipment (see also: Manage equipments).

Different address and optional contact person

If the address of the operation is different from the selected equipment or customer, it must be entered here. In addition, you have the option to select a specific contact person for the operation or to define a new one. You can define any active contact from the contact list of the corresponding customer as the contact person. By default, the primary contact of the customer is preset. It is also possible to specify a contact person who is not stored in the customer’s contact list. However, this contact is not automatically transferred to the customer’s contact list.

Planning specifications

The earliest and latest possible dates should be entered in the fields for the time period. If it is known how long the execution will take, the expected duration can optionally be entered in hours. Optionally, the customer’s preferred date can be entered together with a note regarding this. When scheduling, the dispatcher can consider that information.


The operation can be supplemented with attributes. You can find more information in the following article Attributes on operations.