Operation details

In addition to general information on the operation, such as customer, location and planning data, the operation details also contain data on a potential direct contact person on site, including contact details, if entered by the dispatcher.

As further planning details, the confirming technician receives information about which production resources/tools and other colleagues have been scheduled for the operation. In the preview, he only receives the first three entries in the list. A click on the respective tile displays the complete list.

Operation details

For the status change, the status icon star is clicked and the new status Reject, In-progress, On-site, Interrupt, Exit, Complete is selected.

This can be repeated until an operation is completed. The selection of the subsequent status is limited depending on the current status.

Status change New
Status change on Site

The status of an operation can also be changed in the tile view of the operation list by swiping to the left or right. or to the right.

crossmip operation change status.swipe