Manage equipments

In the tab "Equipment" you can select equipment from the product list (see also: Use of the product group "equipment") in order to assign it to the customer. Furthermore, the device can be added to a location of a customer. In addition, documents or PDF forms can be attached.

Equipment can be selected during operation creation and thus inform the mobile user in mobileX-CrossMIP to which equipment an operation specifically relates (see also: Create and edit orders). Documents and/or PDF forms on an equipment are automatically made available to the mobile user in mobileX-CrossMIP.

New installations reported back from CrossMIP are automatically added to the list of equipment as soon as the confirmations have been transferred from CrossMIP to dispatchX. The address of the equipment is stored as the address from the operation and the equipment is given the status active. All data such as product number, manufacturer and designation from the feedback are also transferred to the equipment data, as well as the serial number, if this has been entered by the technician.

Equipment details