Data exchange via interfaces

Data import

As an alternative to creating data manually, the mobileX-ServicePlatform also offers you the option to import various types of data into the system via an interface. Currently, you can choose from the following formats for the import:

  • XLS(X)

  • CSV

  • TSV

  • XML

  • JSON

The import of data is triggered within the application. You can either use the file template provided for the import or upload your own file (e.g. if you have previously exported data from a third-party system) in one of the supported formats. The system will guide you through the whole import process including artificial intelligence featured suggestions for matching your data to the target format.

The following data types can currently be imported into the system:

Data export

The mobileX-ServicePlatform offers you the possibility to extract data as a file export. Currently the following formats are supported:

  • XLSX

  • CSV

  • JSON

  • YML

The export function is currently offered for order confirmations. Details can be found in the following article.