Releasing Confirmations

Users with the relevant permissions have the ability to decide, if confirmations need to be checked manually before release or are released automatically.

The setting can be changed for each individual order type by navigating to the corresponding setting.

confirmation release

As soon as a confirmation is sent to the ServicePlatform, the system checks if the confirmation release is set to manual or automatic. If the release is not set to automatic, a user with the relevant permissions will have to manually check and release the confirmations. To do this, simply open the operation and navigate to "Confirmations". From here, you can either release the confirmation, reject it without a reason or reject it and give a reason. The release can be carried out for each individual confirmation of the current operation or all of its confirmations at once.

Users also have the option of seraching for any operations with open confirmations. To do this, simply use the search bar in operations and type in "confirmation.anyOpen: true". This will display any operations that have at least one open confirmation.

confirmation release

The permission for the release of confirmations can be set in Roles and permissions. When adding the new permission, chose "Create for operations" and toggle "Release confirmations" on.