Planning board

The planning board gives a graphical overview of planned operations and absences of resources for a given period. The desired time display can be set in the upper part of the planning board. The left pane displays the resources for which the user has the required permissions. In addition, the displayed resources can be filtered using an attribute via the search or grouped within the planning board.

planning board overview

Operations can be moved horizontally and vertically within the planning board using the mouse, which adjusts the planning for the resource and/or the appointment. In addition, the width of the operation can be changed with the mouse, which changes the duration of the operation. At the operation, the current status is displayed as an icon and by moving the mouse over the icon, more details about the operation are displayed. Operations are displayed with a white background for the confirming person. For all other scheduled persons and non-human resources the operations are visualized with a gray bar. When moving an operation bar within the planning board to another person, the person type remains the same, i.e. confirming person remains confirming person, additional persons remain additional persons. For easier planning and viewing, only the currently highlighted operation (including all resources involved) can be highlighted using the "Highlight operation" option.

Display of presence and absence

The working hours for a technician can be displayed in the planning board. However, the visualization is only available if it has been activated in the configuration. From the same submenu, you can set the visible timeframe for the planning board. Simply fill in your desired timestamps between 00:00 to 24:00. Giving 0:00 as your starting time will result in a visible timeframe beginning with the start of the day, while an end time of 0:00 will result in the timeframe spanning up to midnight of that day.

visible timeframe for presence abd absence

The general presence is indicated by the white area in the respective resource line. Gray areas mean that these time slots are outside the technician’s working time. Orange areas mark the period in which a break should occur. Non-human resources cannot have working hours defined, they are always available. Temporary absences, such as vacations, are displayed as shaded bars at the respective resource.

Planning by drag & drop

For faster planning, operations can be dragged from the operation list directly onto the planning board. To do this, simply place two browser windows next to each other and drag a specific operation to the planning board in the other browser window via the browser window of the operation list or the operation details. You can also open several operation details in individual browser tabs and drag the operations to the planning board one by one. Operations with and without duration can be dragged from the operation list to the planning board. Operations without duration are then first placed on the clipboard. If a duration has already been defined, this period is also displayed as a preview during dispatching to a resource.

Via clipboard or drag’n’drop an operation only can be assigned to the confirming person. Additional resources can be assigned to the operation within the operation details. However, removing them is also possible in the planning board.

In addition, absences can be entered via "CTRL" + "left mouse button" or via the "Add absences" button in the upper right corner of the planning board.