mobileX-CrossMIP supports push messages to inform the technician about changes (such as new orders). The respective native push system of the operating system is used for this purpose. The exact behaviour of when and how push messages are displayed varies depending on the operating system:

  • Apple iOS: If the application is in the foreground and a push message is received, it is "sent" directly to the application and displayed there in the message area. In this case, no system message (banner, sound, etc.) is set. If the application is not active (in the foreground), the push message is displayed via the system.

  • Google Android: Behaviour as for Apple iOS

  • Electron (Windows): For Electron, push messages are received via Google Firebase (as for Android). Currently, push messages are only received and displayed when the application is running (but it does not have to be in the foreground). The push messages then appear in the Windows notification area.