Confirmations that were submitted by the mobile technician via mobileX-CrossMIP can be viewed or downloaded in the "Confirmations" tab of the operation. Currently, the following confirmation types are supported:

  • Material

  • Time

  • Flat rate

  • Texts

  • Equipment installation

  • Documents

  • Images

  • Videos

In addition, confirmations can be exported (also for several operations at the same time). Currently the formats CSV, XLSX, JSON and YML are supported.


Within the operation list, the user can filter the operations whose confirmations shall be exported. If the search result is still to broad, the user can optionally select the operations he is interested in. The burger menu features two options for either exporting the confirmations of the whole search result or only the confirmations of the manually selected operations. In the next step, the user selects the target format as well as the confirmation types to be exported. For each export an export protocol is created which is accessible in the settings via "Export protocols".