Plan operation

Here, the exact planning of the operation can now be carried out by assigning a fixed date with time, duration and travel time as well as the technicians, vehicles and tools to be used.

operations planning

Planning specifications

Here you can find the planning data from the new order again.

The earliest and latest possible dates should be entered in the fields for the period. If it is known how long the execution will take, the expected duration duration can optionally be entered in hours.

Optionally, the customer’s preferred date can be entered together with a note regarding this. The dispatcher can consider that information.


In the "Assignment" area, the confirming technician, the work duration, travel times, the start date and additionally an explicit planning end can be defined. By specifying the start time with an additional explicit planning end, it is possible to determine how long the resources are utilised. The time period can deviate from the duration of the actual workload. In this case, the operation bar in the planning board shows the period between the start and the explicit planning end. In this way, for example, assignments lasting several days can also be taken into account in the assignment planning. Travel times (arrival, departure) can be specified in hours, whereby decimal values in industry minutes are permitted. In the planning board, travel times are displayed separately on the operation bar. If individual resources overlap with other operations or are absent during the planned period, you will be notified. Resources can be taken out of the planning again as long as the task has not yet received the status "in progress".

Planning by drag & drop

For faster planning, operations can be dragged from the operation list directly onto the planning board. To do this, simply place two browser windows next to each other and drag a specific operation to the planning board in the other browser window via the browser window of the operation list or the operation details. You can also open several operation details in individual browser tabs and drag the operations to the planning board one by one. Operations with and without duration can be dragged from the operation list to the planning board. Operations without duration are then first placed on the clipboard. If a duration has already been defined, this period is also displayed as a preview during dispatching to a resource.

Operations can only be scheduled to the confirming person via the clipboard or drag’n’drop. Additional resources to an operation can only be added via scheduling in the operation details. However, removing them is also possible in the planning board.