Working times

Working times can be defined for human resources. Tools and vehicles are basically ready for use 24 hours a day. Working times can be created, edited and deleted again for each technician. Working times can also be entered into the system via data-import.

Working times are defined by the following values:

  • Start and end with date and time: the period cannot be larger than 24h.

  • Capacity in h (accuracy in industrial minutes)

  • Excess minutes: how many minutes an operation may exceed the working time at the end of the working time.

Optionally, a break can be created for each day with duration as well as time frame in which the break must occur.

The working times and breaks are visualized in the planning board correspondingly.

Deleting working times can be done in several ways. You can delete working times for several resources at the same time via the burger menu of the resource management. To do this, select all technicians for whom the deletion is to be executed. Then select the "Delete working times" menu item and specify the period in which all working times are to be deleted. You can also delete working times over a period of time for an individual technician via the burger menu in the "Working times" tab of the respective resource. Similarly, you can also remove an individual entry in the working hours table using the row’s context menu.

The availability of this feature is set in the configurations. Working times can only be managed by users who are also allowed to edit the resource.