Attributes on operations

Attributes can be added to operations in three different ways.

Add attributes during order creation

Attributes can be added to operations when they are created. To do this, click on the create symbol in the "Attributes" table and select the desired attributes from the drop-down list. In the case of an attributes with a selection option, you still have to determine one or more values. Optionally, you can also define a validity period. You can also specify only a start or end date. Note: If you define the attributes on the operation to be created in such a way that you would no longer be authorised to edit it, this is prevented by the system.

Add attribute to a new operation

Add attributes to an existing operation

In the operation details, you can assign any number of attributes to an operation via the "Attributes" tab. To do this, click on the create symbol and proceed in the same way as for creating a new order.

In the tab "Attributes" you can see all attributes that have already been added to an operation. The selected values as well as the validity can be changed afterwards. You can also remove an attribute from the operation. If an attribute whose original definition was deactivated is assigned to an operation, the attribute is also deactivated in the attributes table and can no longer be edited. On the other hand, if values of an attribute definition are changed or deleted, the attribute can still be used and edited. The deleted values are marked as inactive and are no longer available after editing the attribute again (are removed from the list).

Add attribute to an existing operation

Automatically add attributes to new operations

Attributes can be preassigned to operations when they are newly created. This setting is made in the resource management and can only be set by users with the role "Business Administrator".

Attributes automatically at new operation