Create and edit resources

The resource management is called via the settings. The following resource types are available for creating a new resource:

  • Person

  • Vehicle

  • Tool

When creating persons, roles can be selected according to the field of application of the resource to be created. Rights are bound to these roles, e.g. to carry out planning or to process mobile orders. A person can have one or more roles assigned.


The telephone number is optional, but the e-mail address is a mandatory field. Important notifications - e.g. for logging in - are sent to the specified email. If available, the person’s work email address should be used.

After filling in all the required data, the resource is created by clicking on the Save button. A resource ID is automatically generated by the system. After a resource has been created successfully, the resource list is displayed again with all existing resources including the newly created ones. The resources can be found using the search feature and they can be sorted by fields such as name, role, etc.

Clicking on a resource takes you back to the resource details.

resources management details

The pencil symbol next to the name activates the editing mode. Analogous to the creation of a new resource, changes can be made here. To delete a resource, select it from the list and click on the Delete button at the top right.

Resources cannot be deleted as long as there are open orders assigned to them.