Edit order and operation

After successfully creating the order, the detail page of the operation for the order opens directly. You can make changes by clicking on the pencil.



In the tab "Order" you will find all data of the order header such as order type and customer. Using the context menu in the order tab, all operations for an order can be released simultaneously, and the release of all operations can be revoked.


In the tab "Operation" you will find all basic info of the explicit operation you have opened.


The planning data for the operation are in a separate tab. For the exact planning options, please refer to the chapter Plan operation.

Attachments (to the order)

In the "Attachments" area, files can be uploaded to an order, which are available to the mobile user in mobileX-CrossMIP for all operations related to this order. If the file is a PDF file, it must be selected in advance whether it is a pure document or a PDF form (checklist) with interactive elements.


For structuring your processes and for enriching further individual information of the process you can assign attributes to an operation.


The confirmations also refer to the operation that you have just opened. For details, see chapter Confirmations.

All operations (for the order)

This tab cumulates all operations that belong to the order of the currently opened operation.

Change history (for the order)

In this tab, changes made by users to the order and the associated operations can be traced.